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Avi Yakobovich

In the works of Avi Yakobovich one can find hints of sculptural and architectural environments. The artist uses graphic design software to create his “artificial landscapes”. The illusionary space of urban areas or inner spaces is created by the action of painting and erasing. The works are made in three different techniques. Traditional painting on canvas, “light boxes” and lambda metallic printing. The occupation with light is emphasized in some of the works. Thus, in the “light boxes”, the light emerges through the transparent surface of the painting. These radiating works allow the observer to experience different qualities of light and colour. In the paintings, light and shadow create illusionary spaces. Yet, in some of them, the light, like in a damaged photograph, seems to “burn” the image. In his works, the artist refers to works from the history of art. References to Futurism, Constructivism and Abstract Expressionism. “The intention was to make a sort of recycling of works of art in order to create something different” says the artist. His works allow the observer to experience a process of changes, constructing and reconstructing, lucidity and blurriness. In most of the works the borders are not finally defined. This creates a sort of tension and gives the impression of continuity. Defining the borders occupies the artist all along his creation process. “The difficulty to describe and to define the concrete reality comes from the rapid changes in the daily life and in the regional politics where I live and create” says Yakobovich. In creating these works, the process of deconstruction and reconstruction, one may see an attempt to clarify, to reorganize and redefine his inner and outside world. 

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