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Etienne Cendrier

Etienne Cendrier was born in 1967, he is a painter and a drawer who is now living and working in Paris. Some of his drawings are part of the British Museum and Albert Museum Library collections. His work is also part og Whoopi Goldberg and Agnès Jaoui’s collections. Etienne Cendrier’s skies are consistent with a very contemporary view, playing with ambiguity and minimalism. Pastel is both a technic and a material.

It appeared as an evidence for the artist for its sensuality and its malleability through a direct contact with the hand, without the intermediate brush. For many people, this technic is like a mix between painting and drawing through the work on the trait and the colour which respond to one another and disseminate into different textures and layers. This practise between painting and drawing which gives birth to a sensation of volupty, immateriality, which, however, never betrays the description of reality.

The artist express himself through big formats to better reshape the immensity of the sky and the universe, its beauty which is still not so much affected by the visible marks of our devastating society. 

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