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GRK Gallery decided to specialise in photography some years ago . 

The idea now came true in FRANKFURT am Main - OFFENBACH - due to its industrial history and the direct connection to Frankfurt am Main - Offenbach am Main should be the right city for a new placement of the world wide acting GRK Gallery.


Decisions had been made to settle there with a new gallery and specialise in PHOTOGRAPHY.


Photographic history is strongly connected to Germany. Leica as well know - world wide famous camera manufactor - Rollei - Linhof and many others as well as KoDAk which became famous for photo and cinema film production started out in germany asa camera manufactor which has been transfered to America.


Offenbach am main had been know as the headquarter of POLAROID in germany .The famous self processing color and black and white film has been a benchmark for many artists and photographers like Andy Warhol  , Robert Frank ,Ansel Adams , Robert Mapplethorpe , Paolo Roversi , Helmuth Newton and others . many of them published exclusively POLAROID editions or did use POLAROID film for many years as Carlo Mollino.


Nowadays there is no more Polaroid film available , main parts of the production have been sold to THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT a new company that started to manufacture on the basis of the POLAROID formular with the original machinery.. Offenbach the former industrial part of Frankfurt am main gave young talented artists enough space to develope - space that had been too expensive for young artists to start their own atelier.


We are now based in the middle of this new , exciting and creative town which now became a part of Frankfurt. The idea has been to keep the character of an artists loft - work space and atelier , in the pulsating heart of creativety.


Offenbach provides the creative energy that belongs to an artists work and is the home of Hochschule für Gestaltung HFG art school and now home of GRK Gallery FRANKFURT specialised in Photography.

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