Jonathan Bermudes was born the 8th of February 1968.

He evolves in his own world and leaves the rest to his imagination.

From writing to music, then from music to photography, he explores the many facets of his art in all its shapes.

Passionate about his time period, he immortalizes icons through submerging them in an unusual sea of magical and intriguing colors. Jonathan Bermudes grants us access to the depths of his soul by inviting us in his world of maximalist and contemporary photographs. 


“I like to take pictures in an undisciplined and instinctive manner, my contradictions lead me to my art, just like in life, towards the light. I am everything and its contrary.”

This is his vision of appearing, seeming, to never disappear.

«To look is to see again »


Each gaze carries within itself a memory of gazes that have preceded it. No gaze is unusual other than the first of the first look. But if it cannot be the first, there is no doubt that it is a new one. The same goes for the artist whose vision is never common, ordinary, vain.

The artist sees what we do not see.

He considered artist for the outlook that he carries over others, events, and on the surrounding environment. It is, first and foremost, the originality and the quality of his vision that make him an artist. His eye as a collector, merchant, critic, or simply as an amateur only come in second position.

The artistic encounter is, therefore, an exchange of gazes, that of the artist, first, and that of the public, second. Jonathan Bermudes shares with us his perspective of the past that is a memory, our memory, where, behind the lens, faces hidden in the depths of our past appear. Idols stare back at us, us who have stared so long at them.

And Jonathan Bermudes, in this game of mirrors, orchestrates with a flamboyant brilliance this encounter between them and us, between him and us. And we transition from one plan to the other, through a stupefying and daunting game of perspectives, just like we derive from the past to the present, from the memory to the present moment…

It is not enough to state that his work is becoming more and more attractive, accomplished, and appealing. Beyond that, we find a piece of work that appears, an interrogation that arises, that of an artist who has reached maturity.  

“Art pieces that are half fiction, half reality”


We do not simply look at Jonathan Bermude’s photographs; we discover them, and we let ourselves wander, with drifting eyes. This way, we are capable of discovering new emotions, where solid foundations of our unconscious memory hold a whole that intoxicates our senses.


Soaked in his experienced and his across-the-Atlantic life experience, Jonathan revives some of the biggest universal icons and talents. He then pursues his original approach that relies on placing figures from the past in the heart of his artwork.

He offers to everyone’s eyes an artistic expression that is not particularly familiar, provoking curiosity and interest.


Jonathan integrates, with his usual ease, an iconic figure to his mediated image and to the symbol of consumption that was given to him throughout the years.


He attempts to denounce the influence of the image on our daily life through the simplicity of material, flamboyant colors that are detached from reality and the complexity of photographic superposing, and an expression that figures in the most engraved Pop Art trends in which the French artist searches for the source of his creativity.


Jonathan Bermudes’s pieces are of a rare intensity but remain ones to experience daily. To share the unique pleasure of coming across them, it’s already accepting to communicate to the world the constant exploration of new horizons. At the same time, it is also a matter of exposing oneself to emotions that escape to us while giving us the chance to escape from the vain.


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