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Art Leasing

Contemporary Art has become the best way for communication and  professionals image improvement. Today Entrepreneurs can reinforce personnel motivation and loyalty improving labor framework on the one hand and enhance their brand image as well  by leaning on a strong visual identity.


ATTA Development is fully aware of this and offers companies and liberal professions an original art-market financing concept.


We're not discussing leasing here but financial leases including delivery, installation, and works insurance at the end of which the leaseholder can purchase the work of art at preferential price as contractually defined.


The obvious advantage of this offer is full deductibility of rent considered operating expenses, throughout the contract, which can last between 13 and 60 months. There is, today, a rescript of the tax administration: "rents paid by companies as part of leasing operations with purchase option of artworks can be deducted from their taxable income provided that such works are exhibited in places accessible to the public or to employees.


In addition, it is recalled that the amount of royalties must not have an excessive character in relation to counterparties by the lessee."


ATTA Development stress out that in all proposed contracts, there is a match between the company's activity, its turnover, the sum of charges and the rents, amount of contracts varying between 2,500€ and 45,000€.


Although ATTA Development works along with art market actors, ATTA Development has no catalog of his own. Thus, if a professional wishes to rent a famed artist's work, ATTA Development will purchase it and offer it for rent.


Financial leases allows to:


  • Display a positive image,

  • Enjoy financial and tax benefits through tax savings,

  • Pass the rents of financial leasing as charges,

  •  Smooth the purchase over several months,

  • Purchase art objects at bargain,

  • Build up a collection.

Leasing GHASS---.jpg
Leasing GHASS-.jpg
Leasing GHASS--.jpg
Leasing GHASS.jpg


Possibility to pay through several times without complementary fees.
Possibility to book a work of art with an « account ».
Possibility to ask for a certificate of calibration for each original work of art.
A quotation for the transport of works of art will be sent to you  on request.
GRK Gallery comits itself all the legal guaranties you could be allowed to.
For any litigation, the Paris commercial court will be the only competent court.
Any payment for the purchase of a work of art is considered as an deposit.
The sales contract is then effetive and the G and G company is allowed to require its execution. 
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