Coming from Denmark, Winnie Denker made the acquaintance of Paris while she was really young, nearly fifty years ago now. First trip, first tracing… Since when, Winnie wlaked through Paris, night and day, with her bedroom, her cameras, her talent, her dazzling personnality, her friends and her fantasy.


Her « photographic wandering » have alrady proved to be quite acrobatic : for a picture she already climbed more than once on wall and cranes. Winnie Denker is on the rare photographers in the world to work in with 20x25 cm formats and Fresson drawings. A single technic realised with gold pigments, carbon and colours.


The Fressons is worldwide known for this technic invented four generations ago and kept secret : only artists Mr Fresson admire have the right to know it. In 1965, moved by François Chalais’ photographies taken in Vietnam, she decided to go for photography in 1965.


For three years, she experienced in Robert d’Estaing’s studio established Place Vendôme Together they will work for the most prestigious fashion houses and designs firms. : Lanvin, Cartier, Chaumet. For nearly 20 years, she dedicates herself to fashion photography and still-life painting. Truly meeting with the great Eiffel tower, she completly dedicates herself to architecture and our global cultural heritage. After a long stay in new York she once again fall in love with the Eiffel Tower. A love story which really started in january 1986 with her first picture : « La Dâme de fer ».


This passion will give birth to four works : « La Sentinelle de Paris » (1989), « paris, fêtes et lumières » (1993), « la Tour Eiffel » (2003, édition limitée) et « La Tour Eiffel » (2004).


More than twenty years later, the love story still goes on. Winnie Denker’s career then trenscends boarders  while she works for the Unesco through different missions for the Ptrimoine mondial in istanbul, Saint-Petersbourg, Syria… Then she wrote for example « la Civilisation de Saint-Pétersbourg » in 2000 or « Constantinople » in 2001. Regularly published in the international press, Winnie Denker’s works are exhibited in the whole world.

The Ermitage Museum exhibits her worls snice 1992. Hardowrking photographer, Winnie Denker has always tried to push out the boundaries and get the best picutre ever. 

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