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Shahla Dadsetan


Shahla Dadsetan draws her strengh from a three dimension culture  with Polonese and Persan origins and her academic experience in Germany, Iran and France. This favoured her creative transdisciplinarity, thanks to the deep learn of Architecture, Design and Applied Sciences. This artist who has an enlarge view of the world keeps wondering and insisting on our arrow links with the universe, which brings her artistic reflexion around the notion of space, with an interest for the « infiniment grand » and « infiniment petit ». She puts the universe at the heart of her creation, fllowing her own desires. It all results to an impacting work of art. The evocation of scientific concepts appears through her works in the representation, the transformations of light and energy, the walk of time and the species favouring cognitive intuition. A quest that she expresses through the intensity of rythmes, value games and transparency. After studying architecture, Shahla came back to painting. Then she realised advanced research on colour, techniques, abstration, and then did her own drawings. In 2000, she truly committed herself to painting, keeping experiencing her art in order to express best her most private thought.

Then she creates an unique , organic and aesthetic work. This vision of Nature is the source of Beauty. Then her Aesthetic is closely linked to an Ethic whose search of light shows the path.

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